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Get what you really need, not a one size fits all solution.

According to the Harvard Business review, “the real problem is employees can’t adapt and adjust their behavior across cultures, solutions focused simply on differences likely won’t give you the bang for your buck that you’re expecting”.

At CTC, we look at the whole scope before developing your solution. Even for areas you are currently managing well, we would love to help you improve.

How we help

Can you ensure your employees are effective from the get go? We can provide practical, applicable and tailored sessions in:

  • Transitional coaching for international employees recruited into Australia
  • Intercultural training for employees transferring abroad
  • Cultural diversity training for individuals and teams

We scope the context of your challenge and provide unique and practical solutions that ensure behavioural change.

Let us provide tailored situational training for all of your needs, from individuals and HR departments, to businesses or government.