• Have you recently arrived in Australia?
    Are there aspects of business and social life that make no sense to you?
    Are there ways of operating in business that are a challenge to understand?
    Have you been here a while, but are finding that some things are still not clear?

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  • Are your employees from multi ethnic backgrounds?
    Are you interacting with foreign government officials?
    Are you providing training to foreign government agents?

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  • Are your foreign employees equipped to work effectively in an Australian organisation?
    Are you deploying employees to an overseas branch office?
    Are your multicultural teams operating effectively and smoothly?

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  • Are you on-boarding your foreign employees to hit the ground running?
    Are you dealing with reputational fallout from inappropriate behaviour of employees overseas or employees unfamiliar with Australian norms?
    Can your HR team recognise and effectively manage cultural miscommunication?

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What we do


CTC can assist you to reframe challenging situations and uncover hidden resource potential.


We can provide tailored situational training for all of your needs, from individuals and HR departments, to businesses or government.


One on one coaching unlocks your potential to access and increase your cultural competancy.

How we can help

CTC offers comprehensive assistance to your organisation with all aspects of orienting your employees who are new to Australia. When your HR department is screening for a new role and your best candidate is not Australian, we can help identify how they will fit into your organisational culture and the local social culture. We help your new employees adjust to life here and ensure their partner and family are adequately supported so that your employee can remain focused on the goals you hired them to achieve.

We also provide assistance to executives concerned with the impact of culture on the success of your business. We provide a range of services, from more effectively motivating their new team and getting buy in, to conducting performance management interviews and how to best frame disagreement. We can provide assistance discreetly on or off-site.


What our clients say about us

I worked with Astrid on a…very sensitive project and [she] helped both the offshore team and the Australian team, including myself, break down barriers and set the project teams up for success…Highly recommend.

An astoundingly perceptive feel for cultural issues, broad theoretical knowledge backed up with practical experience, and combined with an elaborate understanding of mindsets in systemic leadership matters makes Astrid a unique blend.

…rare ability to listen and then give insights that are disarmingly accurate, but in a way that you don’t feel being lectured to about some theoretical stuff.

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