• About us

Background and experience

For over ten years, our director, Astrid Hofmann, has assisted public and private organisations to more effectively manage the challenges of working across cultures. Astrid has developed and delivered practical cultural awareness programs on large projects, such as the training of local officers for the Timorese government and preparing Victorian teachers for an international exchange program.

Her team includes intercultural subject matter experts, university lecturers in Cultural Studies, instructional designers, numerous counsellors and clinical psychologists with a specific interest in the psychological effects of cross cultural interaction. All CTC team members are trained facilitators.

The mission of CTC is to take the perception of cross cultural interaction from challenge to resource by creating practical applications based on the commonly used standard research, combined with latest developments in the field.

What our clients say about us

I worked with Astrid on a project that involved moving to a shared services model with my Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Teams. This was a very sensitive project and Astrid helped both the offshore team and the Australian team including myself break down barriers and set the project teams up for success. Highly recommend Astrid. She is very professional and knows her stuff. Great to work with.

An astoundingly perceptive feel for cultural issues, broad theoretical knowledge backed up with practical experience and combined with an elaborate understanding of mindsets in systemic leadership matters makes Astrid a unique blend. Open manner and very advanced communicator. Hence able to blend into all sorts of situations swiftly without hinderance. Very effective and delightful to work with.

This is a smart one; Astrid has that rare ability to listen and then give insights that are disarmingly accurate; but in a way that you don’t feel being lectured to about some theoretical stuff.

Implementable ideas that you feel came from your own head.

Warm & easy to talk to also.

Very professional, has a very good understanding of intercultural matters and speaks impeccable German. Possesses a very pleasant manner. I highly recommend her services.

Energetic efficient, able to come up with solutions quickly and creatively. Effective communication with clients.