• Government

    Are your employees from multi ethnic backgrounds?

    Are you interacting with foreign government officials?

    Are you providing training to overseas Government agents?

All cultural groups have learnt what operating successfully means in their own environment: how to make decisions, what time keeping is expected, how and when to nurture relationships, how to deal with disagreement, etc. Operating outside that in Australia will mean learning a new MO. We can assist your people to identify what works here and how they can bring their own particular skills to the table aligning with and complementing local practices.

We also work in the reverse situation. When you need to send your team members on secondment or on fact-finding missions, CTC has a team of experts who can create specific country or region briefings and deliver a program tailored for your organisation that raises cultural awareness and applies that awareness to specific roles. The success of any overseas assignment relies on an appropriate, agile response to any unknown situation.