If you are starting a new job in Australia, what should you consider in order to get the best out of your assignment?

  • You will have an instant network but your spouse/ partner & family may not
    We can help them assess what works well for them and guide them to achieve that.
  • The impact of personal challenges on workplace performance
    Knowing things at home are going well will make focusing on your new role that much easier.
  • Language support
    We can assist with fine tuning your English, particularly those tricky areas like performance management.
  • Understanding the impact of cultural dynamics on your team and the language that will motivate your team
    We can help you and your team identify the most effective aspects of all the cultures in your team.
  • Career development for spouses and partners
  • Language support for partners

Cultural adaption is key to achieving your true potential.
Talk to your HR department about additional support from CTC.